Hi. I’m Merlin.
Cara. You’re Arthur’s servant. That must be such an honour.
Oh, yeah. It is. Well, you know, someone’s got to keep the place running.

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Because he’s your uncle, you will not see who he really is.

Merlin! I’ve had my heart broken enough already today. I don’t want to lose another friend.

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Anonymous said:

So what made you fall in love with Colin Morgan? uvu


*panicked noises*. 
i dont know. it just kinda happened. series 1 was like “aw shit look at him” and series 2 it was kinda like “aw shit why”. its more infatuation than anything else though. 

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Friendly reminder that it was Merlin who gave Arthur the blue cloak, and that even though it was only a temporary disguise Arthur kept it, anyway.

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Son of the earth, the sea, the sky

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Arthur Pendragon and Sophia

'We're in love'

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Testament of Youth / Filming / Week 5


(Sunday 13th April – Saturday 19th April)

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Make me choose

Anonymous asked: Merlin defending Arthur to others or Merlin defending Arthur to himself

(I’m sorry, I might have not understood this request right, so I made it as Merlin defending Arthur to Arthur, to make him believe in himself)

Arthur: What the hell are you playing at?

Merlin: I’m proving that you’re their leader and their king.

Arthur: That sword is stuck fast in solid stone.

Merlin: And you’re going to pull it out.

Arthur: Merlin, it’s impossible.

Merlin: Arthur, you’re the true king of Camelot.

Arthur: Do you want me to look like a fool?

Merlin: No, I’m going to make you see that Tristan’s wrong. You aren’t just anyone. You are special. You and you alone can draw out that sword.

Arthur: You better be right about this.

Merlin: You have to believe, Arthur. You’re destined to be Albion’s greatest King. Nothing, not even this stone, can stand in your way. Have faith.

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A Colin for every day (105/365) (Credit: Macchinafotografica)


A Colin for every day (105/365) (Credit: Macchinafotografica)

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“Great heroes need great sorrows and burdens, or half their greatness goes unnoticed. It is all part of the fairy tale.”
 Peter S. Beagle

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